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We value our employee's opinions

Read trusted opinions from our employees as to why MedStaff Alternatives is the best choice for your next move.

Great Place

Competitive rates. Great facilities. Able to work Per Diem or Contract. Flexible hours per week. Always easy to speak with someone in the office, whether it’s in payroll dept. or account managers.

- Alicia L

Productive company to work for

While working for MedStaff Alternatives I learned a lot. I worked at about 5 different hospitals. I was given a lot of hours and if my assignment ended, I was at another within 2 weeks. I would recommend anyone to work for MedStaff Alternatives.

- Adenike M

Supportive company to work with, very professional and they thrive to keep employees happy

MedStaff Alternatives is a nice company to be employed by. They are professional and quick to solve any issues. They are flexible with schedules. They are very supportive of their employees.

- Matthew S

Good company

Most enjoyable part of my job was taking care of my patients and knowing I did my best with their care. Since this was an agency job, I visited different dialysis clinics and enjoyed meeting new people. Never had any problems with any of the clinics that I visited. Overall, great pay and great management.

- Stephanie R

The flexibility of scheduling is appreciated
It’s been nice to be somewhere that I’m appreciated and have the flexibility to choose when and where I work has been enjoyable. I like the chance to interact with a diverse culture of co-workers and sharing my knowledge with others and learning something new every day.

- Danielle H

Unique Culture
If you’re thinking of joining an agency, I would check this company out. We’re building something special here.

- Mohammed M

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